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Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty values hard work, ethical business practices, and community minded individuals. If you feel like your personality fits our standard, then call Kim Tesch-Vaught at 352-225-4700. Here are some questions we frequently encounter:

Why consider a career in real estate sales?

When asked, many successful real estate sales professionals will cite control of two things as the primary benefits of their profession: 1) time and 2) earning potential. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty sales professionals work as independent contractors which means they are self-employed for income tax purposes. As independent contractors they control their schedule and how they choose to spend their day. Here are some things to consider:

Self-Evaluation—Whether you are considering a career change or you are at the beginning your work life real estate offers great opportunities but is not for everyone. Rate yourself in the following areas recognizing that few are strong in every area listed.

a. Am I strongly motivated to achieve a professional level income?
b. Am I confident in my ability to initiate conversations and ask others about themselves?
c. Am I able to listen well enough to what people tell me to help them clarify the issues they are facing?
d. Am I resilient when facing challenges or disappointment?
e. Am I able to manage my time and energy effectively without a great deal of outside direction?
f. Am I eager to learn new things and disciplined enough to implement new skills and practices?
g. Do I have the ability to support myself for a few months while getting started in the business?
Understanding the Business—Real estate sales is a business that may be significantly different than how you conceptualize it. Before you get very far you will want to spend some time with people who can clarify what the day-to-day activity of a professional REALTOR® is like. Contact us for an initial, confidential, no-obligation meeting. If you are interested we can also arrange for you to shadow one of our Sales Professionals for a day.

Do I need a license?

Click Here to link to the Florida Real Estate Commission website outlining the legal requirements.

What is the process to get started?

You must first successfully complete the state mandated 63 hour Sales Associate pre-license course. Click here for a list of providers. Once you’ve completed the class and successfully completed the State administered examination, then you are eligible to activate your license under the guidance of a qualified broker.


I’ve never been a salesperson, what additional training is required to be successful?

The newly licensed REALTOR® has received valuable information through the licensing process. The licensing course, however, is NOT designed to train an individual for success in the business but focuses on making the individual accountable to the public he or she hopes to serve.

Our training encompasses many aspects of sales training. Our associates develop skills such as: increasing business contacts, accurately valuing properties, making winning presentations, marketing, managing transactions and post-transaction follow up. All of these are essential to the development of long term success and the creation of a reputation as a competent and trustworthy professional.
There are many sources for training but initially newly licensed REALTORS® rely heavily on the management team within the brokerage they join for the training foundation they build.

What qualities should I look for when interviewing with brokers?

You will encounter many different business models when interviewing. It is important for you to find a firm with a good reputation and a proven success rate helping both new licensees and seasoned associates stay focused and motivated to achieve the desired success.

The physical facilities are important as well as the intangibles. When you walk through an office you will get a feel for the level of activity. If the staff is busy and the phones are ringing and people are coming in and out of the office then you are probably in a productive office. Productivity breeds productivity and that should be noted.

You also will want to ask the broker or sales manager what specific things the brokerage can do to help you—especially the methods that will be employed to offer you the training that you will require. Ask for references—current associates that are willing to talk to you about their experience. Finally, ask to attend a sales meeting or some other training event so that you can get first-hand experience with the training methods that will be utilized.


Why Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty?

Your most important decision once you decide to begin a real estate career revolves around where you will work. A newly licensed person will have no shortage of options for activating his or her license. Your career success may easily depend on how wisely you choose the firm with which you will affiliate. Here are some of the reasons to consider Berkshire Hthaway HomeServices:

Training-For years our firm has been recognized for providing comprehensive and excellent training to new REALTORS®. This reputation has been earned by on-going recognition of the value of bringing into our firm people with the eagerness, enthusiasm and freshness found in newly licensed individuals. Our training is delivered through a number of formats including case studies, classroom instruction, internet-based teaching, individual coaching and, if desired, mentoring relationships. While we recognize that every person is unique we also know that no one needs to have the burden of finding his or her way without the benefit of proven methods, techniques and skills effectively communicated. Training is a core value for our firm.

Track Record of Success—Our firm has been in existence for over 40 years and has consistently been among the leading brokerages in the area. Our name is well-known and respected in the community providing strong support for those Sales Professionals affiliated with us. The presence of our yard signs throughout Gainesville and Alachua County provide daily reminders to consumers that our firm is a solid and dependable presence. The significant number of our Sales Professionals who have achieved remarkable success over the years provides a foundation on which others will continue to build.

Strong National and International Branding-Affiliation with the Brookfield Relocation and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices network enables our firm to leverage one of the most respected names in the world of financial services. Individuals relocating to our area from other locations have seen and known the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices brand before they arrive and associate the brand with excellence.

In fact, nationwide Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices affiliates have the highest average sale price of any national company! With the announcement in early 2012 that Brookfield Global Relocation Services has acquired Relocation and Real Estate we are excited to now be affiliated with one of the world’s largest international real estate firms insuring that we will now have an even stronger franchise partner.

Leading Tools and Resources—From the simple things like having a full time receptionist to the availability of quality color copiers and a dependable in-house computer network to larger issues such as advanced web capabilities, maximized photographic exposure of listings and availability of industry leading client follow-up programs we are committed to cutting-edge tools and resources.

Competitive Compensation in a World of Opportunity-As partners with our team of Sales Professionals our firm looks to reward productivity and to maximize opportunity. Our commission schedule is a competitive matrix that allows those who sell more to accelerate their earning rates. At the same time, our firm is always looking to bring increased opportunities to the entire team.

The ultimate goal is to continually increase the gross revenues of the firm in order to compensate well and fairly each Sales Professional while continuing to strengthen the infrastructure to insure future growth.

There is a great level of pride and satisfaction when one of our associates is able to present their business card to a prospective client. If that is appealing to you, then contact
Kim Tesch-Vaught at 352-225-4700 or email her at to schedule a confidential interview.


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